5 Acts: November 2006

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Low Lustre

Brooklyn, NY
Originally based in Minneapolis, the guys in Low Lustre are now calling Brooklyn home. This music is suggested for fans of bands like Spoon or Dinosaur Jr.

Montys Loco

Stockholm, Sweden
I've had this CD from Montys Loco for months, but I just got around to seriously listening to it a few weeks ago. Just like most of the Swedish music I get, I'm in love with it. Here's the title track for your listening pleasure.

Tacks, The Boy Disaster

Austin, TX
Austin is such a hot spot for good new music. I just recently blogged about the seductive sounds of Pink Nasty and I've been loving these guys for months. Tacks, The Boy Disaster just has an EP out right now, but I highly recommend checking it out. It can be ordered here.

(The Sounds Of) Kaleidoscope

Washington, DC
If you're in the DC area, please make sure to check out (The Sounds Of) Kaleidoscope tonight at Black Cat. They'll be opening up for Owls And Crows.

Ill Lit

Los Angeles, CA
Ill Lit has one of the best (funniest) album titles this year - Tom Cruise. It's a good thing I love this music 'cause TC (the actor) is a nut.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hello Saferide

Stockholm, Sweden
Hello Saferide is Annika Norlin. Her full-length is finally available here in the U.S. Even the folks at Pitchfuck like it. You can order it online at It's A Trap. Here's one of the peppier tracks from it.


Allston, MA
Protokoll is putting out their first full-length early next year. Here's a track from their 2005 EP.

David Bazan

Edmonds, WA
David Bazan is known for being the frontman for acts like Pedro The Lion and Headphones. His solo EP features two versions of every song - one electric and one acoustic. He's currently working on a full-length record to be put out on Jade Tree sometime in 2007.

The Most Serene Republic

Milton, ON
About a year and a half ago my friend Jamie and I got asked if we could score some weed for the members of The Most Serene Republic after their show. We weren't successfull, but the guys in the band were still super cool. Here's a track from their tour only EP Phages.


Austin, TX
One of my biggest pet peeves is when a band wants to put out countless EPs/singles without giving us a full-length. However, it's tough for me to be annoyed with these Texans. Voxtrot has now put three EPs. Their latest is entitled Your Biggest Fan and this is track 2 from it.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Brooklyn, NY
Elika is a boy-girl duo from Brooklyn. My, how I love boy-girl duos from Brooklyn! These two create the perfect mix of shoegaze and electronica, and I was hooked upon hearing the first few notes of their self-titled EP. You can listen to more songs at their website or on their MySpace page. If you love it as much as I do, please order the disc directly from their label, thisquietarmy Records.


Seattle, WA
Pleasurecraft is all about pulsating keyboards and jangling guitars. Their music will appeal to anyone who loves 80s synth pop and more recent bands like Burnside Project and Fischerspooner.


London, UK
So we're a little behind a lot of the time in the U.S. of A. Luckily, people here are finally catching on to the wonder which is Whitey. This UK outfit is currently touring the States, sharing the stage with the ultra provocative Peaches. Nice!

Math And Physics Club

Seattle, WA
Math And Physics Club is suggested for people who enjoy sweet little chamber pop bands like Belle & Sebastian or Camera Obscura. You can order their self-titled debut through Matinee Recordings.

The Fratellis

Glasgow, Scotland
The Fratellis is recommended for fans of bands like Arctic Monkeys. Their debut full-length is called Costello Music and is available now.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Under Byen

Apparently Under Byen formed over a deacde ago, but I just caught on to them earlier this year. They don't use guitars - instead they focus on things like classical strings, piano, and percussion instrumentation. This is suggested for fans of Bjork.

Forward Russia!

Leeds, UK
I'm going to admit that upon first hearing Forward Russia! I really didn't think it'd be a band that I'd love. Boy was I wrong! They're a lot heavier in sound than what I usually like, but the music and vocals are just too good to resist. Check out their video for "Nineteen" - I guess they've even been playing it on MTV2. Cool!

Shout Out Out Out Out

Edmonton, AB
Here's one of the latest Canadian bands getting a lot of buzz. Shout Out Out Out Out is recommended for people who like bands like LCD Soundsystem.

Pink Nasty

Austin, TX
Pink Nasty is Sara Beck. Her second full-length is entitled Mold The Gold and it's like a breath of fresh air in a smoke filled bar.

Takka Takka

New York
Takka Takka recently performed live on woxy.com, my favorite internet radio station. If you missed it, you can head over to the Lounge Act archives and download it for free! Here's the title track from their debut CD.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A Sunny Day In Glasgow

Philadelphia, PA
I just started listening to the new EP from A Sunny Day in Glasgow a few days ago, but I cannot get enough of it. There are only five tracks on it, but each song proves to be refreshing both vocally and instrumentally. Here's a shortie but a goodie from The Sunniest Day Ever.


Lawrence, KS
The lastest record from Ghosty is entitled No Nothing and you won't be dissapointed if you've been a fan of their previous stuff.

Robbers On High Street

New York, NY
Robbers On High Street is back with a new EP while working on their next full-length, set to be released in early 2007. In the meantime, enjoy this song from last year's Tree City.


Isle of Sheppey, UK
Touriste is suggested for anyone who likes bands like Snow Patrol.

Graham Coxon

United Kingdom
Originally part of Blur, Graham Coxon has since put out six solo albums. His latest is called Love Travels At Illegal Speeds and here's a great track from it.
"Standing On My Own Again"
Official Graham Coxon Website

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Middle Distance Runner

Washington, DC
Middle Distance Runner reminds me a lot of French Kicks and is highly recommended for anyone who likes melodic pop. You can order Plane In Flames at CD Baby or download songs from it at a great new site, Amie Street - check it out!


Vancouver, BC
Memphis is Torquil Campbell (of Stars) and Chris Dumont. Their sophomore effort, A Little Place In The Wilderness, is available now through Good Fences.


San Francisco, CA
Boyskout is currently touring the U.S. in support of their disc Another Life. Go to a show and pick it up or order it directly from Three Ring Records.

Viva La Foxx

Covington, KY
Kentucky. Who knew? Well, you should have known... Viva La Foxx hails from Covington and that's right across the river from the beloved Cincinnati. This is powerful rock and recommended for anyone who likes bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Lily Allen

Islington, UK
Finally the debut CD from Lily Allen is seeing a release date here in the States - January 23 to be exact. I'm not sure why we had to wait so long... I don't think we're getting any bonus tracks either. Bleh!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Bloc Party

London, UK
I adore Bloc Party in every capacity and I'm really excited about the new disc, A Weekend In The City (out February 5). Seriously, my favorite record from last year was Silent Alarm - nothing else even came close. Here's a great b-side from those sessions.

The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa

Prague, Czech Republic
Wow! How did I miss this? Apparently The Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa is putting out a new album this month. I had no idea, but I can't wait to hear it! Here's one of the best tracks from their 2002 release.


Champaign, IL
Bailey is now a trio and you'll love these guys if you enjoy wonderful ambient electronic music. You can purchase their debut CD directly from their website or their MySpace page.


San Diego, CA
Rafter Roberts is part of the musical duo Bunky. However, he's been working a lot on solo material here lately. He's signed to Asthmatic Kitty and here's a preview of the diversity you can find from his release 10 Songs.

The Appleseed Cast

Lawrence, KS
The Appleseed Cast is on tour now in support of their latest album, Peregrine. They'll be at 9:30 here in DC on December 6 for an early show.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Arab Strap

Falkirk, Scotland
It's Friday so I thought I'd once again give you some of my favorite cover songs... And it's an easy way out since I've had a busy week. Nonetheless, I hope you still enjoy the music. Sadly, Arab Strap decided to call it quits a couple months back. Good news is this: they plan to tour one final time and record put out one more album, Ten Years Of Tears (which is actually a "best of" type CD that will also include b-sides and rarities), to celebrate the decade they've been together. Here they are doing a cover of Van Halen's "Why Can't This Be Love."

Petra Haden

Los Angeles, CA
Apparently Petra Haden really enjoys her beans. Here's her version of Coldplay's "Yellow." I hope she doesn't jump around the stage all coked up like Chris Martin does... but maybe she does after the beans.

The Gossip

Portland, OR
This is The Gossip doing baby girl Aaliyah's "Are U That Somebody" from the classic 1998 film Dr. Doolittle starring the amazing Eddie Murphy.
"Are U That Somebody"

Youth Group

Sydney, Australia
Here's Youth Group covering Alphaville. You can find this one on the band's third album, Casino Twilight Dogs.
"Forever Young"

Jose Gonzalez

Goteborg, Sweden
Here's Jose Gonzalez doing one of Kylie Minogue's. It appears on his Stay In The Shade EP.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Frightened Rabbit

Glasgow, Scotland
I love love love Frightened Rabbit. They are all that is pop and rock and eveyrthing in between. Sings The Greys is available now through the UK label Hits The Fan Records.

Kid Theodore

Salt Lake City, UT
Kid Theodore only has live dates scheduled in Utah right now, but hopefully they'll venture out of their home state soon! Their EP is availabe through their website in case you aren't able to make it to a show in Utah.


Austin, TX
Make sure and catch Pompeii next week if you're in the Texas area. They're playing a couple dates with my good friends in Headlights - November 12 in Austin at End Of An Ear and November 13 in San Antonio at Limelight.

Stamen & Pistils

Washington, DC
I was very impressed with Stamen & Pistils when I saw them play at DC9 a few weeks back. End Of The Sweet Parade is their debut full-length and it has a great balance between acoustic folk and experimental electronica.

Tall Firs

Brooklyn, NY
Tall Firs describes their music as New York underground electric folk. Their self-titled album is available through Ecstatic Peace.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ivy League

Brooklyn, NY
Ivy League is the the musical project from Ryland Blackinton and Alex Suarez. Their debut EP can be purchased directly from TwentySeven Records. The label's website shows that a full-length from the duo should be coming soon as well! This is an Arcade Fire cover that appears as a b-side to the single "London Bridges."

Joseph Arthur

Brooklyn, NY
Everyone is probably familiar with Joseph Arthur because of his songs "In The Sun" and "Honey And The Moon" - both were extremely overused in both television and film. But hey, good for him I guess! The best use was in one of my favorite movies - Saved! - gosh, I love me some Mandy Moore! Anyway... Joseph's got a new album called Nuclear Daydream and I guarantee you'll like it if you've been a fan of his previous work.

Great Lakes

Brooklyn, NY
Diamond Times is the third full-length from Great Lakes and it's available now through Empyrean Records.

Lupe Fiasco

Chicago, IL
Lupe Fiasco's Food & Liquor has been getting rave reviews from almost every music publication since its release nearly two months ago. He's just recently added some new tour dates so check that out at his myspace page.

Dr. Dog

Philadelphia, PA
Dr. Dog is playing dates in Europe this month, but they'll be back after Thanksgiving to kick offf their U.S. tour starting with a show on November 25 in Chicago at The Vic Theatre with The Black Keys.