5 Acts: <center>That's Him! That's The Guy!</center>

Monday, March 24, 2008

That's Him! That's The Guy!


An Army Life, the new album from That's Him! That's The Guy!, is what you wish your college roommates sounded like when they got drunk and started playing guitar. Clear, unpolished vocals harmonize over little more than plucked guitar and banjo, calling to mind an earthier Oh No! Oh My! or Kings of Convenience. "Half" is like the best spontaneous bonfire jam you've ever heard, while "Red Folder" reaches higher, with lyrics detailing the mundane elements of some Midwest funeral while a lonely violin underscores the song's ironic detachment. Rustic strummers that manage to be earnest without being self-important don't fall in your lap every day.

- Billy Gil, guest contributor