5 Acts: <center>San Francisco’s Finest Dearest and <br>Empty Rooms to Release a Split EP</center>

Monday, January 05, 2009

San Francisco’s Finest Dearest and
Empty Rooms to Release a Split EP

San Francisco bands Finest Dearest and Empty Rooms will celebrate the release of a new split EP entitled the "Wedding EP" on January 31 at the Makeout Room. The Wedding EP is a manifestation of the friendship between the two bands, but also a celebration of the marriage of two of their respective members. Chris Clark (Empty Rooms, guitar) and Carly Schneider (Finest Dearest, vocals) met in the year 2000 at SF's beloved Pop Scene at 330 Ritch through mutual friends. As a natural progression of their eight year courtship they finally tied the knot this past summer among their family and friends. The two bands have been long time friends, sharing a practice space and mutual enthusiastic support for each other's projects.

The split release, which offers two new songs from each band, was recorded live in one night (and part of an early morning!) at Different Fur studios in San Francisco. Only 100 copies of the release will be distributed.

The release show will include performances by Finest Dearest and Empty Rooms during a special happy hour show at the Makeout Room. The show starts at 7:30 PM on Saturday, January 31 and costs $7.

About Finest Dearest - In early summer of 2004, “Bay Area pop darlings” Finest Dearest began practicing in a basement bedroom, hashing out concepts and ideas. Through a series of musical chairs in the lineup, the band cultivated a sound often described as dark and edgy indie rock circa the early 90s, which is showcased on their 2008 self-titled full length album. The band plays frequently in and around San Francisco, and has toured the West Coast several times. Finest Dearest completed a successful US tour in April 2008, which included in-studio spots at XM Satellite Radio in DC and WOXY in Cincinnati, among others. The band’s releases also include the Pacemaker EP (2005), Offsides (7” 2006), and participation in the Bay Bridged, Volume 1 in 2007. Finest Dearest is currently working on material for their sophomore album, and planning their next big trip.

About Empty Rooms – San Francisco based Empty Rooms played their first show in the summer of 2004, after many years of being close friends. This close friendship would ultimately provide the basis for their “dark and dusty” soundscapes which “ooze with composure” and “unfurl solemnly” on their 2 self-released EPs Empty Rooms (2005) & Lacuna (2008). The band has definitely needed these close relationships as 4 tours, a motorcycle accident which put one member in a wheel chair and a job transfer which landed another member in Los Angeles has put the occasional strain on the band. Fortunately, the members are all healthy, mobile members of San Francisco now and are hard at work on a follow-up to their 2008 EP.

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